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Simple & Intelligent

Hiight Is An Agency Works On Smart AI And Machine Learning

Creative solutions

The dedicated team of Hiight will give you best possible solution to execute everything easily and makes your business grow

Awarded team

Enthusiastic team of professional working 24 x7 to develop one of most creative solution to make things better and more valuable

Superior ideas

Hiight always have target to build most creative ideas to develop more sustainable and growing business

Perfect designs

The Software and AI tools designed by developers are perfectly designed to work for years long without any problem

From Renewable To Sports, Our Presence Is Everywhere

With the aim of being simple and creative one, we have designed and built every sector to work on a Hiight Way and making everything accessible from a single place and on minimum efforts. From OrDekho to Team Hiight We have Built A different working Culture for our team members and co-workers to solve things and make them happen.

Creative solutions
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Web development
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Online marketing
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Website hosting
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Domain registration
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Video production
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Interface design
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Market research
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Our Working Culture

We are Proud To Have A Great Team Of Developers


Defining product goals

Started in Brooklyn

To Have a great software or any service Hiight always fix a target which helps us to develop a work function or design on how to execute it


Layout out the strategy

Started in Brooklyn

After a target got our most experienced team of developers plan & strategy on how to hit the market and reach millions of people on minimum efforts after this smart AI starts working

Detailed UX Design

Started in Brooklyn

Our smart AI is designed in such a way that it tracks every moment & behavior of your user through their digital presence display them suitable product they want


From Billing To Hiring

Started in Brooklyn

Now our innovative startup OrDekho helps owners to manage everything from a single place either it is hiring an employee or promoting the product on digital media


Target Achieved

Started in Brooklyn

Now everything is ready to hit the market and works according to Hiight to achieve the target

Machine Learning
Touch screen

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The best team of industry experts skilled in strategy, planning analysis

Either it is supply chain and data management, we have a team of experts who work only to get things done automatically. Our Focus is on building smart robotics who can understand the human behaviors and acts like them. Hiight is trying to reinvent the industry which always had a dream to develop an efficient and eco-friendly working culture.